My name is Sharon Anderson and I am a life-long music maker. I teach piano lessons for beginner and intermediate students out of my home studio in South Jordan, Utah.

My primary goal as a teacher

is to help my students find joy in making music.

I aim to provide a solid foundation in piano technique and theory for both students who want to pursue an advanced study of music further down the road and those who want to play simply for enjoyment.

Come join the fun!


I offer both small group lessons for young beginners

(2-3 students per class) and private lessons.

Partner and group lessons are 45 minutes.

Private lessons are 30 or 45 minutes.

Although I am classically trained and I teach from that perspective, I ​believe students should have the opportunity to play music they love, no ​matter the genre. Where possible, I incorporate requests to supplement core ​curriculum. Whether it's Broadway, Beethoven, Disney, a favorite pop artist or ​a video game theme, it's all welcome in my studio.

There's a lot of great music to enjoy!

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Is your child ready for piano lessons?

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Generally speaking, I think a good age to start piano lessons is around 7, or the start of 2nd grade. Certainly, some children can start younger and do very well, especially those who have musical parents.

If you're unsure, reach out and let's talk. For some timid musicians, partner or small group lessons are a good choice. Music is inherently social and a fun way to connect with others. In these lessons, we use the piano plus group games and movement. Learning music is a whole body experience! And it's more fun with friends!

And if you or your child are older than that?

Any time is a good time to start!

It's never too late!


A Note on Practice

Music Note
Music Note

A tiny bit of bad news first.

No one has ever learned to play the piano without practicing.

Serious bummer, I know.

Unlike learning in school, learning to play an instrument is primarily a physical ​exercise, not an intellectual one. Sure, you need to understand some concepts ​and technique, but learning to play the piano takes repetition so that our bodies ​and brains can develop and strengthen neural pathways. This is a large part of ​why learning to play a musical instrument is so good for our brain development.

But it can only happen with regular practice.

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Now the good news...


It just takes practice. For real.

And want some even better news?

A little bit of practice every day is all you need.

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Top quality emoticon. Starry eyed emoji. Excited emoticon face with yellow star shaped eyes and happy wide opened mouth. Yellow face emoji. Popular element.

Studio Calendar 2024-2025

The studio generally follows the ​calendar of the Jordan School ​District.

Regular lessons start the ​second week of school and run ​through the end of May, with ​exceptions noted on the ​calendar here.

Summer lessons are scheduled ​and paid independently.

Summer Piano Lessons

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I offer summer piano lessons for students during select ​weeks during the summer. These are scheduled and billed ​separately from studio tuition for the school year.

If you have a child who is interested in trying out piano lessons, summer is a great time to do that!

Contact me if you're interested!

Top Tip:

If summer activities keep your student from practicing regularly, an excellent way to still improve their musicianship is to help them LISTEN to lots of music. Any kind! Crank up the volume and dance to their favorite tunes. Their musical brain will thank you come fall!

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